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Welcome to the new paradigm in carpet flooring. Carpet tiles offer numerous advantages over rolled carpeting while complementing today's modern architecture and design elements. Both traditional carpeting and carpet tiles begin with the same process of manufacturing via looming equipment. The differences involve the application of one or more backings, then cutting into various tileable shapes. Packaging and shipping modular carpet systems is greatly simplified which reduces freight costs. Because padding is permanently bound to the tiles, pre-padding floors is not necessary nor is tack strip, thus saving installation steps. Carpet tiles (squares or planks) can be installed piecewise and secured using double sided tape, glue, or adhesive connectors (to create a floating floor). Care and maintenance is simplified as well whereby soiled or damaged tiles can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced.

Below, is a collection of popular styles and colors of carpet squares, carpet planks, and Euro-style woven vinyl flooring products from

Modular Flooring Room Scenes

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